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couple counseling bonn


Couple counseling / couple therapy

couple counseling bonn / couple therapy

How well do you live as an expatriate in Germany? How do you experience the couple relationship under these conditions? What do you want from your partner?

Moving often means a loss of identity. The environment is changing. Old relationships are lost, friendships can only be maintained over distance, the couple’s relationship gets to the center and is exposed to heavy burdens. This can cause a relationship crisis.

couple counseling bonn

With my couple counseling bonn I support you as an expatriate couple to clarify your couple issues and to redefine your identity as a couple. Overcome your relationship issues and find a new way to each other! All sessions will be held in English or German.

Framework for couple counseling / couple therapy

As a couple therapist I focus on the relationsship and not just on your individual behaviour. My strength is to clarify your interpersonal issues, to help you better understand where they are coming from and to help you overcome them.

5 × 1.5 hours, consulting appointments can be arranged individually, consultations also in English

Also in the evenings and Saturdays, in a relaxed atmosphere in my premises in Bonn/ Bad Godesberg or in Cologne/Christophstraße 31, also as intensive advice on one or two weekends

Counseling with me as well as exercises at home

Reflection unit (1.5 hours) for practical implementation after four weeks

Benefits for you

  • You learn to cope with distance and closeness in your relationsship
  • You learn to communicate respectfully with each other
  • You will intensify your understanding of the needs of your partner
  • You will overcome your crises and become happy@home


  • Investment in your relationship
    150 € per session (90 minutes) plus 19 % VAT
  • Single sessions are possible
  • Transparent and clear framework